Don't struggle everyday with the tasks you need done to run your online business. Let the experts at Virtual Services Agency take care of that for you.

What We Can Do For You

Websites and Funnels

We can create a website that is dynamic and engaging for your target market helping to ensure you message is being delivered clearly. Find Out More

Map Out Sales Flows

We can create and provide a detailed map of the process flow for your website and business to help engage customers so you know what working and what is not working

Social Automation

We can set up and service your social media accounts and daily posting activity to create a social presence that helps the social algorithms to increase your exposure online.

Traffic Building

We can help design, create and run traffic systems that are tailored to your specific business model to increase your sales and engagement though verified analysis and reporting.

Build a Marketing Plan

We create a plan for you by fixing a target and then working backwards from that. With this strategy we help you define the exact steps that you need to grow your business.

Email Marketing

We can provide full induction email systems for broadcasting, sequences, automations and management to help engage with your customers faster.

Membership Sites

We can build custom Membership site that deliver content and video for either free or paid clients and even create levels of access for individual programs.

e-Commerce Sites

We can help build, setup and maintain e-commerce sites for you to sell digital or physical products. Whether it is print on demand or you own products.

Your Business Is Our Business...

We take care of your business like it is our own business. We know that your growth and profitability is not just in your interest but in ours too. Our virtual services and the virtual assistants that will work in and on your business know the importance of working with you to create the success you deserve!

TakTak Corvera

Co-Founder, VirtualServices.Agency

Why Work With Us

Working with us is your shortcut to growing your business, making it sustainable and effortless.

Strategy Call

We conduct a free strategy call to discuss the current state of your business, and the desired ambitions and goals you have. Then we do a deep dive into your content and devise a strategy around that to get to your desired business goals.


We work with you to create strategic goals for your business. These are them broken down into milestones so we can track and analize the build processes. This ensures that every little detail is implimented and squared away, covering things you may not have enven though of!


This is the part where we finalise the contract agreement and set to work confirming the virtual assistants to work on your business Virtual assistants are then tasked to meet and exceed the expectations of the business goals, and to meet the deadline set.


Reach out today and discover the endless possibilities we can unleash.

How To Get Started

This is the high level process that we go through with every client to start their next project!

Secure Portal Access

We create a FREE Secure Portal for you to discuss the current state of your business, and the desired ambitions and goals you have. Then we do a deep dive into your content and devise a strategy around that to get to your desired business goals.

Face To Face Meeting

We set up a Free Face To Face Consultation to ensure we understand your business. We write down each and every step that will be covered and then we place a tracking and management system in place so you can see in real time that we are hitting the goals that have been set.

Development and Delivery

This is the part where we commence work on the project. With the secure portal in place we cna ensure all assests, communication, development timeslines billing and more are clearly defined and accesable. Virtual assistants are tasked to meet and exceed the expectations of your business goals, to meet deadlines set and tracked it all in your Secure Portal.

Find Out What We Can Do

Reach out today and discover what our Virtual Assitants can do for you with our Virtual Services Offerings.

Who Uses Virtual Services

Unleash growth effortlessly - your shortcut to a thriving, sustainable business.


Unleash your influencer potential and witness your follower count soar. Our expertise will swiftly elevate your brand, propelling you towards unrivaled success in record time.


Unleash the power of your agency, captivating customers with unrivaled excellence. Your search ends here, as we empower countless agencies to establish and amplify their authoritative presence.


Ignite your product's branding prowess with the ultimate power move – establish an authoritative social media presence that amplifies popularity like never before. Prepare for unparalleled success.

Membership Site Owners

Embark on an extraordinary journey with your brand new membership site for coaching or education. Together, we'll employ proven strategies to fuel rapid growth of paying subscribers from day one. Success awaits.


Elevate your blogging prowess, whether as an affiliate or a passionate writer. Unlock the power to effortlessly attract blog traffic from your website, funnels, and social media profiles with our expert guidance.

e-Commerce Site Ownersrs

Whether you oversee a handful or a multitude of products, release the burden and entrust us with the heavy lifting, allowing you to excel at what you do best, focusing on providing quality products to your customers.

Trusted By 100s of Happy Customers

Unlock unprecedented growth for your business and prepare for a journey of exponential success..

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Experience the transformative power of a FREE No Obligation Meeting. Reach out today and discover the endless possibilities we can unleash.

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